I have not written in a little while, I apologise.

But, I have been focussed.

When I was a slightly younger entrepreneur, opportunity seemed rare so I threw myself at good people and good ideas. I didn’t really appreciate every time I moved my attention to a new idea, my psychic space was diluted.

Growing up I thought the more opportunity you had, the more likely you would succeed. In turns out, there is absolutely no correlation to suggest what I had originally thought, and in fact, I’ve grown to realise the complete opposite is true.

If I could rewind time, I would erase my biggest regret: taking a scattered approach to people and opportunity.

For anyone starting out, or looking to build their own company, you will get a lot of distraction in the form of nice people promising the world, but, the sad reality is, the majority will fail to deliver and in doing so, they will waste your time.

So, how do you know who to work with?

You need to validate the individual or opportunity.

When you make a financial investment into a company, you look for traction.

If you are investing time, the process should not be any different.

In fact, money can’t buy time. It can make your time more efficient, but you can’t buy any more of it.

When you speak to people, don’t listen to the vision, see the evidence:

– They have an idea, and it already has ‘x’ amount of customers
– They want you to be a part of ‘y’, and it’s growing at ‘x’ per month

Remember, a handful of people will change your life forever.

The hard part is finding them.

Once you have them, keep them close and don’t waste time with anyone else.