5,000 applications vs 1. Which generates more revenue?




Let’s start from the beginning.

When I first started creating applications there were only about 80,000 apps out there competing against each other.

There’s now over 1,000,000 apps and it’s become seriously difficult to generate awareness for applications; even truly brilliant ones.

It was this understanding which led us to an idea;

We believe it’s easier to make 5,000 apps which make $1 a day as opposed to 1 application that makes $5,000 per day.

We started with two applications when we as founders were a lot younger and at the time we enjoyed some modest success with a couple of entertainment based applications which were pushed out as a test.

The revenue that we generated was extraordinary and our applications continued to provide what seemed to us as an inflated level of income.

They were all relatively slow to pick up speed, but we soon found some marketing tactics which gave us a good return on investment.

The first weekend, we made £5,000…

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